Strawberries (per punnet)

KShs 280

About Strawberries

Strawberries are sweet, refreshing and great for dessert meals. They have a wide range of nutrients that can help reduce risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

You can eat strawberries plain, add them to your desserts and salads, or use them to flavour cakes, yoghurt and ice cream.

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Buy Strawberries (per punnet) from Urban fresh Ventures Limited.

The price is ksh280 per punnet.

We are a Key Player in the Agriculture value chain in East Africa. We have our own production farms in Under Cover and Open Fields. We work with a pool of many contracted farmers all over East Africa, who have undergone intensive training and certification and continuously receive technical assistance from our team.

We supply all over Kenya. We as well export to Europe, Middle East, Nordic Countries, Africa and North America. We are committed to improving access to a safe and quality range of foods and we work closely with our clients in incorporating excellence, innovation and technology.

Feel free to scheme through our big catalogue of farm products and processed foods and make your order.

Thank you and we are looking forward to servicing you.

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