Healthy Green Choice (HGC) Compliance

Healthy Green Choice is a compliance platform that seeks to facilitate safe food production, handling, and marketing. Green Rhino offers compliance to the HGC food safety system as a tool to farmers, aggregators, and retailers to assess their level of food safety compliance through facilitated self-assessments (for risk assessments and food safety compliance), checks as well as audits

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Our service at Green Rhino is consultancy on food safety compliance.

We offer a basic food safety compliance package that enables small scale farmers and aggregators to assess their level of compliance with food safety practices.


The pricing of services rendered is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the firm/individual engaging the service. The efficiency of administration and cost-effective delivery of services without compromising on the quality-of-service delivery is however the key guiding factors towards the pricing of the services.


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