About Us

How We Started

In early 2020, three young lads concocted an idea to develop an online hub that enhanced the value chain for small-scale farmers in Kenya. They aimed to increase farmers’ profitability and bargaining power by giving them access to sustainable markets and connecting them to input and service providers.

They had realized that farmers have a challenging time accessing resources required to grow their agribusiness ventures, and an even more burdensome time getting market for their harvest.

KilimoGram was birthed a few months later, with a mission to provide an online marketplace where small-scale farmers can sell, network, and access the yearned agribusiness resources.

Why Kilimogram Exists

Our passion lies in Agriculture. We view it as the lifeblood of Africa, the driving force behind its prosperity. Despite our brand’s youthful existence, we pulsate with an ageless spirit. Our foundation is constructed upon a vision to shape a world where farmers harness the power of technology to expand and enrich their agricultural endeavors. We are inspired by the potential to untangle and streamline the complex food marketing chains that often pose hurdles for farmers seeking markets.

Kilimogram serves as the bridge connecting small-scale farmers to customers and providers of essential inputs and services. Our platform is designed such that anyone involved in or interested in agriculture can register, showcase their products, and rest assured that there’s a school, restaurant, or grocery store somewhere eager to purchase their produce.

Moreover, we facilitate connections that enable farmers to discover input providers like seed companies and agro vets, as well as service providers including insurance firms and extension service providers. At Kilimogram, we’re not just about connections – we’re about creating opportunities and enhancing the agricultural landscape.

Our Services

Welcome to Kilimogram – your one-stop platform for all things agriculture. We’re here to revolutionize the farming landscape by simplifying connections, transactions, and collaborations within the agricultural community. Whether you’re a farmer, an input provider, or a customer, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what Kilimogram offers to streamline your agricultural journey:
1. Showcase your farm products, inputs, and resources (aimed at farmers and input providers)
2. Discover and purchase farm products and resources (intended for customers)
3. Engage and collaborate with like-minded farmers and other agricultural stakeholders
4. Formulate or become part of groups and forums focusing on specific interests
5. Reach out to the vendor offering the farm product or resource you wish to procure

Understanding Kilimogram:

Kilimogram stands as a comprehensive platform catering to all agricultural needs.


We bridge the gap between farmers and businesses seeking to purchase farm products, like grocery stores, schools, supermarkets, and hotels.

We link farmers with businesses supplying necessary farming resources, such as farm input providers, agricultural consultants, storage solutions, and insurance providers.

Kilimogram also manages the transportation logistics (for a modest fee), alleviating the concerns of farmers and buyers regarding the delivery of farm products. At Kilimogram, we’re revolutionizing agriculture, one connection at a time.

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Our Esteemed Founders

Get to know the four young lads behind Kilimogram. Don’t be fooled by their youthful semblance. They carry a lot of passion for agriculture and a vast experience in e-commerce, technology, and the Kenyan agricultural ecosystem.

How We Plan To Influence the World

Our mission is to fortify food security in Africa by streamlining the pathways that farmers and food handlers employ to reach markets and resources. We’ll deem our objectives accomplished only when the small-scale dairy farmer in Kiambu, Kenya, can readily access credit and animal feed. When the banana grower in Entebbe, Uganda, enjoys effortless market access, and when the apple cultivator in Tanga, Tanzania, can secure swift transportation and storage for their harvest. You see, our vision is all-encompassing. We appreciate your choice to partner with us on this exciting and impactful journey.

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